Photography Credits

Sibila Savage Photography


Blood Line

Leaving Home

Back of the Bus

Mama, Me and the ’41 Ford

The Wedding Bells


What’s in a Rose?

A Kiss Goodbye

Contemplating the Next Move

No Hard Hats Required

A Birthday Wish

Circle of Friends

The Summer We Learned to Swim

No Vote, No Voice


Unidentified Black Male

Global Warming

Entre Nous

Blue Burqas

I Always Try to Keep an Open Mind

All My Roads Lead Back to You

Blue Morning

The Read Onion

The Red Room

A Meditation on Time

Standing Figure

What Goes Without Saying


Don Tuttle Photography

Too Big to Jail

Miles Ahead

We Are a Nation

Don’t Look Back


Jim Jacobs Photography

A Cool Drink of Water

Cool Blue: Depth Perception