Do you have an idea you want brought to life? Ask Alice!

Fabric wall hanging created by Alice Beasley to celebrate female entrepreneurs

No One Succeeds Alone

I was recently commissioned by PayPal to create a piece that would be the design for this year’s Maggie Lena Walker award. Paypal makes this award each year to several young businesswomen who have shown themselves to be emerging leaders from underrepresented communities. Here I’m depicting one of these young women and the mentor or ancestor who stands behind her and who has helped make her success possible. For that reason, I call the piece No One Succeeds Alone

cotton, silk, lace fabrics, commercial and printed by the artist (2023), 36″ x 24″

Food for Thought

Commissioned by Stanford University for the Escondido Village Graduate Residences.

silk and cotton fabrics (commercial and printed by artist)

(2022),  43″ x 80″

Fabric mural of NYC dance club by fabric artist Alice Beasley


A whirl of tango dancers; a penthouse ballroom and a Manhattan skyline.  What could be more romantic?

silk and cotton fabrics (2022), 42″ x 68″

Fabric mural of NYC dance club by fabric artist Alice Beasley

The Highland Series

In 2012 I was asked to create a series of pieces for the new Highland Hospital Acute Tower Facility in Oakland, California.

These three pieces about joyful shared moments were the results.

“A Birthday Wish”

All eyes are on the Birthday Girl as she prepares to make a wish.

Quilt composed of cotton fabrics


38 ½” x 58 ½”

“Circle of Friends”

Congratulations were in order when these friends came together.

Quilt composed of cotton fabrics


33” x 53”

“The Summer We Learned to Swim”

Who can forget that special summer when a new skill just finally clicked into place?

Quilt composed of cotton fabrics


30” x 59”

Still Life

“Glass Garden” was commissioned by a flower lover who wanted to see all of her garden favorites at once.

Silk, cotton fabrics on stretcher bars (2017),  76” x 14”