Non-Series Work

I’ll Rise Up Like the Day

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Cotton and Silk Fabrics (commercial and printed by the artist)


49.5” x 31”


I'll rise up like the day, fabric art by Alice Beasley

“Momentary Connections”

Each walks to their own beat. Their momentary connections leaving timeless contrails.

Silk and cotton fabrics (commercial and printed by the artist); machine appliquéd.

“Momentary Connections” is in the permanent collection of the City and County of San Francisco


36” x 99”


Fabric art of skate boarder with street scene behind by Alice Beasley

“Lord of the Board”

What I see is the joy of his flight; the exaltation of his youth; that he can defy gravity and rise above his concrete streets. What I see is every mother’s son; a black life that matters. Have you already pictured him pinned face down, working to draw his last breath?

Figure appliquéd and stitched from cotton fabrics superimposed over artist’s background photo.


22” x 16.5”


“Floating into the Heat of the Moon”

The sun gets all the credit but the moonlight is where the poetry lives.

In permanent collection of the DeYoung Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Cotton and Silk Fabrics machine appliquéd


32.5” x 24.75”


Floating Into the Heat of the Moon by Alice Beasley
Margaritaville by Alice Beasley


In the words of the immortal poet Jimmy Buffet:
Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt.

Cotton & silk fabrics; commercial and printed by artist.


39” x 39.5”


“Lake Merritt, Foggy Morning”

Usually Lake Merritt is a sparkling glory with the sun dancing off the water. But every so often thick fog blankets the lake and the buildings play peek-a-boo through the mist. On such mornings magic is in the air. Anything can happen.

Fabric composition composed of silk and cotton fabrics on stretched canvas.


40” x 30”


“The Red Room”

Richard Diebenkorn’s iconic figures on vivid color blocks (the Berkeley Years) were the inspiration for this portrait of a woman.   Although it looks like a painting, nothing has been painted on. Instead I built up and stitched layers of small bits of translucent printed fabrics to create this composition. It was then stretched on a gallery canvas.

Silk and cotton fabric composition on gallery wrapped canvas


28” x 22”


“A Meditation on Time”

In this piece I am merging two moments in time: the thoughtful woman and her memories of the past. The poppy stems extend down into her present like drips of paint. Although this looks like a painting, in reality, as with all of my work, I have used only tiny bits of various fabrics, (most of them translucent silks and organzas) reassembled and stitched into a collaged composition and then stretched on a gallery canvas.

After “Meditation on Time” concluded its exhibition at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Zagreb, Croatia, the piece was acquired for the permanent collection of the United States Embassy in Chad.

Silk and cotton fabric composition on gallery wrapped canvas

28” x 22”


“Standing Figure”

By using layers of transparent as well as opaque fabrics, I have created a figure that looks as though she were painted by a water colorist. In fact, there is no paint at all on this (or any) of my art works. All of the light, shadow and line is found in the bits and pieces of fabric that I have cut, collaged and then stitched.   The work is stretched on a gallery canvas.

Silk and cotton fabric composition on gallery wrapped canvas


28” x 22”


“What Goes Without Saying”

That certain sadness in the air when two people have little left to say.

Silk and cotton fabric composition


16” x 16”


“Don’t Look Back”

The lead jockey is violating Satchel Paige’s cardinal rule: “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”   This piece is as much about my desire to a strong composition of black and white as it is about horses or horse racing.

Quilt composed of silk and cotton fabrics


70” x 93”